Full Version: Shell Identification requested by Xavier bonet
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They have sent them to me of thailandia i not you that you/they are would be
so kind of giving me their name scientific thank you.

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Sorry this post has been overlooked for so long!

Rear, Left - (2) Strombus listeri
Rear, Right - (2) Volema (Hemifusus) carinifera
Center, Left - (9) Natica tigrina
Center, Center - (17) Strombus marginatus
Center, Right - (1) Lambis lambis and (1) Pleuroploca trapezium
Front, Left - (8) Uncertain. This doesn't appear to be a marine species. It's probably some kind of brackish water shell or possibly even fresh water?
Front, Center - (2) Strombus urceus
Front, Right (12) Murex trapa