Full Version: Need help identifying shell from West Aus
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I had this shell for about 5years and i've never known what it actually is.

It comes from the north of Western Australia.

Can anyone tell me what it is and any info about it?

Its a Cypreaidae specie. I think its Zoila decipiens suprasinum (Lorenz, F. Jr., 2002). Or Zoila decipiens decipiens, they are both found in N.W. Australia.
Here is a comparison :

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Thank you for that, much appreciated.

Is it actually worth anything? I have no idea.
As a shell collector every specie that you find has a value, if you ask me ? i considered my collections as treasures. if your purpose is to sell them.... remember that lots of buyers are looking for a gem species, probably taken alive and with complete data. i have no idea how much worth the specie of suprasinum,but there are lots of seashells selling sites that you can browse on.

Happy shelling Wink