Full Version: Is this Cypraea Erosa?
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Bienvenue, Dear collectors!

I had a trip to Maldives last summer (Bodofinolhu isld.)
I got many cypraeas, like this:
[Image: 06244f66b66bt.jpg]
[Image: 0806d36e2fdct.jpg]
I think this is Cypraea Erosa. BUT! Why this is so deep yellow???
I never seen before C.Erosa like this..
Please, proove my opinion)

Merci bien)
Yes, it is Cypraea erosa L. These are probably subfossil specimens which produce the beautiful golden colour.
Definitly C.erosa, If it is taken alive that would be great but if it is just found on the beach the colourations of it might be because of the exposure to suns ray, (well... it is just my opinion) i also have an erosa that looks like it but mine was found on the beach.