Full Version: Shells not sure of ID Auger? Volute? Murex?
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Dear Paul,
Thank you for offering to ID my shells. It is very kind of you to take the time to do this. I really like these shells and am very curious what they are
--The bivalve shell has a pearl coating. Is it pearl?
--In the photos with the augers, the third shell has a piece of green paper glued to it that i have to remove.
Thank you for your time,
here is a photo of the topside of the bivalve shell.
Pictures 1-2 (L to R)
Terebra (Acus) maculata - W. Pacific
Terebra subulata - W. Pacific
Melongena corona - Florida/Caribbean
Liguus virgineus - Haiti (tree snail, not an aquatic species)
Mitra mitra - W. Pacific
Voluta (Cymbiola) vespertilio - W. Pacific
Oliva miniacea - W. Pacific

Picture 3
Arcinella cornuta - W. Pacific
Turritella terebra - W. Pacific
Strombus (Conomurex) luhuanus - W. Pacific
Cerithium (Pseudovertagus) aluco - W. Pacific

Pictures 4-5 (Left vertical row 1,2,3,4; Center vertical row 5-6-7; Right vertical row 8-9-10-11)
1 Murex (Chicoreus) dilectus - S.E. United States
2 rather worn, could be a large Murex (Hexaplex) cichoreum
or a small Murex (Chicoreus) ramous - both Indo-Pacific
3,4 Murex (Hexaplex) cichoreum
5 badly worn, probably Murex (Chcoreus) dilectus
6 Murex (Chicoreus) dilectus
7 Probably Murex (Phyllonotus) pomum - Florida/Caribbean
8-9-10 Murex (Phyllonotus) pomum
11 badly worn, best guess Murex (Phyllotonus) dilectus
Thank you so much for taking the time to ID my shells. It was so helpful to see what they were. I had been unable to ID them and now I am going to learn more about them.
Thanks again