Full Version: Is this a Mediterranean murex?
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Hello again!!

Could anybody help me confirm is this is a Mediterranean murex; maybe Erinacea hanley, I think.

Thank you,


[Image: P9190002.JPG]

[Image: P9190001.JPG]
Hi Emma,
I think so, too: Muricidae. I far as I can decide on the basis of the pictures presented, it might well be Ocenebra erinaceus (L., 1758). The genus might have changed, meanwhile  Wink. As far as I know, hanleyi Dautzenberg 1887 is only a forma of Ocenebra erinaceus with pronounced sculpture. Might not be the latest "state of art"........ .
For some minutes, I thought of genus Latiaxis/Babelomurex.
Kind regards: wolf
Hi Wolf,

It might be genus Latiaxis/Babelomurex, as I don't know the location. It was a shell being sold off as a second in a minerals shop in Barcelona. I thought it might be murex, but I am not sure. Would a better photo be of more help?

Best wishes,

Yes, this is Ocenebra erinacea form hanleyi.  I have several just like it.
Thanks for confirmation Paul!