Full Version: Spanish vermitia? o siliquaria?
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Hello everybody,

I'm posting a photo of what I think is a Spanish vermitia, collected on Cunit beach, Tarragona, ca. 2000, washed ashore on a sandy beach. Does anybody know what it is called?

[Image: P8230619.JPG]

[Image: P8230620.JPG]

Many thanks!!

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Certainly not a Siliquaria.  Appears to be Vermetidae, but there are about 10 Mediterranean species, in several genera (Vermetus, Dendropoma, Serpulorbis, Petaloconchus) which are difficult to identify because they are so variable, and because there is little good literature on them.
Thanks Paul, I'll just classify it as Vermetidae sp. then in my records.

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should be vermetus semisurrectus
Thanks poseidon!