Full Version: Help! I've Searched Forever and Cannot Figure These Shells Out!
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I will apologize in advance, but I do not have much information on these shells. All I know is that they came from the Eastern Hemisphere and not the Pacific Ocean. (This would be my best bet)

I am really new at identifying shells and would be relieved if I could get any help on these.

Also, sorry some of them are old and broken...

#1 is a member of the venus clam family, Veneridae. It is rather beach worn, but is probably Chione undatella, a common species from Florida and the Caribbean.

#2 is a conch shell, family Strombidae, very beach worn but most likely Strombus canarium, the "dog conch", from the tropical Indo-Pacific region.

#3 is a cone shell, family Conidae, quite worn but probably Conus lividus, the livid cone shell, from the tropical Indo-Pacific region.

#4 is a cowrie shell, family Cypraeidae, beach worn to the point where the colors and pattern of the outer layer have been completely eroded away, which makes species identification very difficult. The size and shape of the shell suggest Cypraea lynx, the lynx cowrie, from the tropical Indo-Pacific, but there are other possibilities.

#5 is also a cowrie shell, family Cypraeidae. The outer layer is quite eroded, but at least some of the ground color is retained. That, and the general shape and size of the shell suggest Cypraea erosa, the eroded cowrie, tropical Indo-Pacific. Again, not certain.