Full Version: unknown shell
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can anyone identify this cowrie? its approx 50mm. is cream colour on top.
any help appreciated.  thanks Smile
A photo would help.
it is on there,  as an attachment..  i can see it Smile
is on the attachment  added it to this 1 too...
Sorry but for some strange reason I can't see any attachment. I will have a word with the webmaster, maybe Firefox does not like it.
here is another attachment pic, using internet explorer hope it works Smile
Nope, must be my PC.
I can't see the image either.  Why don't you post it on one of the free picture hosting sites, and then post the link to the picture here?
Its genus cypraea...
maybe you could post the picture from another/different angle (from the top, ect).
and you could use photbucket, imagevenue, etc, to upload the picture...