Full Version: Paris Shell Show 2011
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Hi there.
I was just wondering if anyone has ANY pics of the Paris Shell Show just gone?
I have heard someone had 30 P.bednalli for sale and another guy had a few larger specimens over 90mm.
I would love to see pictures of these shells or any others, if you have any.
Thanks for your time.

Josh, are you on Facebook? I think there are some posted on there.
Unfortunately, I could not go this year !
This would be great to have reports from all over the world shell shows.
For that purpose in the next version of the website, anyone will have the possibility
to post articles ! I need reporters ! I just put online one from local shell show

David, I have started posting some photos of the London show on Facebook. Can I post a link or can I post the photos directly to here? The next one is in two weeks time.
Unfortunately I have not yet visited the Paris Shellshow. Some collectors consider it one of the best in its kind. do I get my wife so far that the two of us will go there? Perhaps combine it with a few extra days in this beautiful town??? (visit the Louvre, etc.etc.)