Full Version: snail identification please
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Please help me in identifying (scientific name) the attached image of my snail specimen. I need this for academic purpose.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Liann,

Do you know where this was collected?  That is always a great help in identifying a specimen.  The picture is also rather dark, but seeing what I can see, and not knowing where it came from, my best guess would be Cancellaria (Scalptia) textilis from the Philippines.  More information and/or a better image, preferably a straight-on shot of the ventral side, might shed more light.

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Hello again,

Once I got home from work and got to my own computer, I was able to enhance your photo a bit, and now I'm confident that my tentative ID above was correct.

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Dear Sir,

Yes the specimen came from Ph.  Now I can finish my paper. You are of great help.

Thank you so much!

Liann ;D