Full Version: Unidentified shells from the Philippines, Bali and Samoan land snail
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I try the bivalves:

6. Placamen sp. (probably Placamen callophyllum)

7. Donax sp. (probably Donax semigranosus)

8. upper left: Veneridae
8. lower left: Anadara sp.
8. 4 shells on the right: Placamen sp. (probably Placamen callophyllum)

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if you could help me classify the following shells:
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1.- Siliquidae. I think they are two different siliquidae forms, because one is white and the other brown.

2 and 3.- Land snail from Samoa.

4 and 5.- Cones from the Philippines.

6.- Philippines.

7.- Bali

8.- Various bivalves and pecten from Bali.

Thanks in advance!!!
4,5 - Conus nussatella, Conus figulinus, Conus lynceus
Thanks! Does anybody know which siliquidae the worm shells are, or the name of the land snail or pecten?
Could number 1 be two siliquaria anguina? and number 2 be asperitas sp.?