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Indo-Pacific Shell Collection for sale
02-29-2008, 04:29 PM,
Indo-Pacific Shell Collection for sale
Attention Sea Shell Collectors
350 piece Indo-Pacific sea shell collection for sale in Olympia Washington.
Huge variety of shells collected in Okinawa Japan, Philippine Islands, Thailand, Guam and other Pacific locations between 1981 and 1988. Many are in clear plastic display boxes.
I am offering this collection to as many professional collectors as I can find in the next few months as well as Ebay and Craigslist. While I expect to get a fair price, I am ready to make someone a deal, To a collector who will be fair and honest with me I will make a fantastic deal. This is an "All or Nothing" sale and I will not sell individual shells or sets. Take a look, estimate their value and make me a reasonable offer and we'll proceed from there. I will pack and ship them and insure the crate for the full purchase value. On the right offer, I may include shipping and handling in the price.
If you are seriously interested, I will take a reasonable number of close ups of the shells you wish to see in detail and email those to you.

Here is a partial list  (those that I’ve already researched):
Conus: (6)Textile, (3) Geographus, (2) Tulipa, Ducavelli, Pertusus, Moleccensis, Figulinus
Cowries: (6) Tigris, (3) Eglantina, (2) Erosa, (2) Bistronatatta, (2)Talpa, (2) Helyola, (2) Luchuana, Mappa, Vitecus, Carneola, Testudinaria, Deer, Egg, Caputserpentis, Poraria, Stolida, Nucleus, Moneta, Cribraria, Labrolineata, Minoridens
Mitra: Fulvescens, Punticulata, Inquinata
Pecten: (34) Cryopecten Pallium, (30) Diannae, mixed colors (not sure of the spelling but it’s named after Phil Crandalls wife. Many more Pectens as well.
Misc: Harpa Articularis, Turbo Petholatus, Cymatium Mortinctum, Terebra Argus, Strombus Luhuanus, Cymatium Pileare, Neocancella Papilio, Tapestry Turban, Vexillum Plicarium, Terabellum, Naquetia Trigonulus, Amusium Japonicus, Amusium Pleuronectes, Jenneria Pustulata, Lofa Cristagalli, Fusium Perplexus
And at least 300 others in all of these categories.

Please contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> for Info or to make an offer. Thank You!

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