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Some Help Please!
01-13-2013, 10:22 AM,
Some Help Please!
I have posted some unknown and tenative identifications on my Flicker photostream. Would appreciate feedbac, especially corrections!


01-15-2013, 10:24 AM,
Re: Some Help Please!
Hi Paul,

I took a look at your shell images.  A few comments:

Elongate white land snail, Philippines - Chrysalis virgata
2 small land snails, 1 yellow, 1 banded - Helicostyla annulata
Chicoreus "spectrum", 88.8 mm - This appears to be an immature Chicoreus ramosus
Calliostoma formosense - The shell labeled with this name is not this species, but I am not certain what species it is.
South China, deep water - Yes, this is Volutharpa perryi.  It is not a "bulla form".  This is the typical adult form of the species, very fragile and lightweight.

The following are correctly identified, but the names are misspelled:
Seminoleconus cedonulli
Latirus polygonus
Euglandina rosea
Trochus niloticus
Murex pecten
Mitra papalis


01-15-2013, 11:41 AM,
Re: Some Help Please!
I can confirm that the C. spectrum is C. ramosus. Spectrum has no 'frills' but much longer fronds.
01-15-2013, 12:03 PM,
Re: Some Help Please!
The Murex pecten looks more like M.tribulus or maybe acanthostephes. Pecten has many more spines. Do you have any locality data?

The four large abalones look to be Haliotis rufescens (on the left) and assimilis) on the right).

The two Murex labelled as 'spectrum' do not look right to me. I would need better photos to be certain, plus data on the left specimen. The right one looke more like brevifrons to me.

The specimen labelled as Calliostoma formosense is probably haliarchus, where is it from?

01-15-2013, 03:00 PM,
Re: Some Help Please!
C. ramosus was my second choice Sad Went the wrong way on that one. I didn't like the ID on the M. pecten either but couldn't find anythig closer in my books. Will go look up the data. Tha Calliostoma formosense could have been switched as I do have both(I think)! dealers identificationon this. Mine on all the Chicoreus.
Murex pecten was collected in Okinawa by Heneretta DeVore, 1951-1953.
The C formosense is C. haliarchus! I got them switched! I'll put data on Flicker! South China Sea! Thanks for catching this!
The Chicoreus spectrum--Right shell (the light colored) only data I have is Carribean.  Left shell (Dark one) is from Sanibel Island..I have another light colored shell that is from Margarita Island, Venezula.  My C. brevifrons are white or cream colored with dark, spiral striping. Will try to add more pictures in the morning
01-15-2013, 03:31 PM,
Re: Some Help Please!
The Haliotis are Identified by the seller as Haliotis rufescens and Haliotis corrugata (possibly acid treated). Both are somewhat local species. I live in Oregon, these are from Northern and Southern California respectively. H. rufescens I was already familiar with, H. corrugata I was not aware of.
01-16-2013, 10:48 AM,
Re: Some Help Please!
Added pictures of the suspicious Chicoreus spectrum!  Added a couple of additional shells as well.

Thanksfor the help!

01-17-2013, 11:56 AM,
Re: Some Help Please!
Hi Paul, image 6470 looks like a sub-fossil C. vitellus.
Img 6464 could be C. caputdraconis from Easter Island. Any data? It could just be a caputdraconis as could 6462 (a juvenile)
Img 6430 is Oliva bifasciatus
The 'Chicoreus' looks to be C. asianus.
The 'Conus' looks like vitellus.
Chicoreus palmerosa should be palmarosae, but it could be torrefactus. I need to see the aperture.
The pale C. spectrum looks to be C. cornucervi from Australia.
As to the dark 'brevifrons', it can't be as that shell does not occur in Florida. I have looked in my Murex book and it does look to be a very dark brevifrons.
01-17-2013, 12:36 PM,
Re: Some Help Please!
Hi Dave,

Sadly no data for image 6464. Sad I think that one goes!
C. asianus, Thanks!  Couldn't quite make some of the apertural details fit the description in my OLD book!
Conus vitellus fairly common wish I could have figured that out on my own...
Chicoreus palmarosae was identified by seller C&S Shell Cabinet, Won't be the last mis identification I buy, sometimes I even know it!
the pale C. conucervi was given to me buy a fellow collector who was talking about his trip to Costa Rica leading me to think that was where it came from, Stinker!
The dark shell confused the collector also as he can't ID it, I gave it my best shot!!  looks like I need to post my normal "brevifrons" I didn't id those however I don't know who did.
It will take me a couple of days so I will start a new topic. 
Many Thanks!
Is there some thing you  need from Oregon, USA?
01-19-2013, 11:17 AM,
Re: Some Help Please!
Hi Paul,
I am always interested in exchanging stuff with others, shells from Oregan would be interesting. Any Limpets, Tops, Muricids etc would be appreciated. I can swap tropical stuff or British shells. All British stuff is self collected with full data, the tropical stuff I can only give what is written when I got them, but  a lot came from other exchanges so the data should be sound.
What do you collect?

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