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Website login problems & worlwide collectors database
10-15-2012, 12:09 AM,
Website login problems & worlwide collectors database
Hello guys,

We have effectively a lot of troubles since our server crash during last august.

We had to move to another server. We did not loose any information though the system was to old and could not work properly. We had in hurry to upload the old version of the website. Unfortunately the worlwide collectors database is not compatible withy our new host (hostpapa).

Actually we are working on the next version of the website wich will allow users do do so much things ! We decided not to loose our free time repairing the old system. That means that the only part that does not show properly is the worlwide collectors database.

-All articles are now online again (excepted 3 actually).
-All galleries are now oline again
-Forum works fine.

The website is sometimes slow too, this shall be corrected with the new version.

A new version of the website shall appear (with same template) in the next weeks.
We will have a real user account and we will gather accounts from the forum as well as the old accounts of the website, so you will need only one username for both services.
Many more features will appear wich remains actually secret Smile

We apologize for these troubles, but we do our best. Keep visiting the website.
Happy Shelling

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