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White coloured Conus glans
03-15-2012, 05:10 PM,
White coloured Conus glans
Hello collectors,
I have here a species of C.glans. This are all found in just one small island in the Philippines (1984-86). I just want to know if anyone have this kind of coloration, or encountered a same specie in other collectors cabinet, and i was wandering if there is such an albino form of C.glans?
Any opinion, info, comments, resource reference you can give will be a great help.

White coloured Conus glans;
1.  [Image: 4345062.jpg]
This one was wiped with light oil;
2.  [Image: 4954560.jpg] 19mm.
This one is normally washed with water;
3.  [Image: 3555030.jpg] 23mm.
Typical Conus glans, there is a juvenile specie on the upper right.
4.  [Image: 6426967.jpg]

Many thanks in advance,

04-15-2012, 08:46 PM,
Re: White coloured Conus glans
Sad Almost a month now when i post this topic, unfortunately no one has given any idea, even any wild opinion if this might be occur in just one small island.
anyway i just add more photo to view for comparison and or "variation" of Conus glans

[Image: 3810265.jpg] [Image: 9107766.jpg]

[Image: 4477270.jpg] [Image: 3138570.jpg]

Goodluck Shelling,
04-15-2012, 09:55 PM,
Re: White coloured Conus glans
Hello !!

Did you collected the shells by yourself ? Because they could be "subfossil shells". I mean, I often find this kind of color on shells that have been in sand for a while, being protected. They are still shiny and look like live collected shells but are not... in the Seychelles, when they made the polders in praslin , you could find hundreds of CONIDAE looking like yours, much paler... and very nice and GEM specimens.

Your shells really look like subfossils.

Happy Shelling,
04-17-2012, 01:38 AM,
Re: White coloured Conus glans
Hello Sir David T.,
Many thanks for your reply, You might be right to say it is  a subfossil shell, but quite strange because of its glossy features and still in gem condition. I might try to do some experiment on one or two shell of it.... i might cut some part of it to describe a typical C.glans and the white ones. i dont know what will be the outcome or what to expect on this.... but for sure i might get some better conclusions.....  :Smile.

Happy Shelling.

04-18-2012, 01:10 AM,
Re: White coloured Conus glans
I know it's strange, but I can tell you I have seen hundreds of GEM specimens like these of other species and one could not tell they where found dead in sediment. They just looked like pale live specimens. Lips GEM etc... Wink)) I gave all the specimens to a friend who liked them as they were rellay giants Smile

But this does not mean that yours are not albinistic population though Wink

04-19-2012, 04:29 AM,
Re: White coloured Conus glans
Hello Sir David,
Many thanks for your help, it is an honor that you give me your time in replying on this subject. Smile

Happy Shelling 8).

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