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Shell Identification Help Please
10-01-2018, 10:00 AM,
RE: Shell Identification Help Please
(10-01-2018, 07:32 AM)paul monfils Wrote: Hello,
The following are the scientific names, followed by the common English names, of your shells. If you look up the scientific names online you should be able to find pictures which you can match to your shells. The common names might also lead to some information, but the scientific names are usually more reliable.

Tibia insulaechorab (Arabian Tibia)
Vasum turbinellus (Common Pacific Vase Shell)
Cerithium nodulosus (Knobbed Cerith)
Bursa corrugata (Gaudy Frog Shell)
Busycon canaliculatum (Channeled Whelk)
Cypraea tigris (Tiger Cowrie)
Strombus luhuanus (Strawberry Conch)
Strombus urceus (Little Bear Conch)
Turbo chrysostomus (Gold-Mouth Turban Shell)
Turbo setosus (Rough Turban Shell)
Conus marmoreus (Marble Cone Shell)
Conus furvus (Dark Cone Shell)
Conus mustelinus (Weasel Cone Shell)
Terebra subulata (Subulate Auger Shell)
Ficus gracilis (Graceful Fig Shell)
Murex brunneus (Brown Murex or Adusta Murex)
Fimbria fimbriata (Basket Lucine)
Nerita sp. (Nerite Shell, not sure of exact species)

These are mostly "commercial grade" shells, which are what you might get in a mixed bag at a tourist shop. Serious collectors generally desire "specimen grade" shells, which means perfect or near-perfect specimens with no wear, chips, cracks, fading, dullness, etc. Also, these are all common species that don't sell for more than a few dollars, even in perfect condition.

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