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Need assistance - inherited shell collection
07-15-2011, 06:17 PM,
Need assistance - inherited shell collection
Good day

I recently inherited my grand fathers shell collection, and would like to catalogue it to be sold. What sort of information do I need to include when I catalogue it? The collection is quite extensive, with a few rare jews.

Also, would it be better to sell it as an entire collection, or to sell the shells individually?

Could anyone provide me with websites or forums where I can get further assistance if needed?

Thank you
EM Venter

07-16-2011, 04:03 AM,
Re: Need assistance - inherited shell collection
Hi there. The best advice I can give is this:
Make sure the shells have full data, they are practically worthless without it. Give the size and condition of the shells. Use a website such as for any identification problems. Make sure all Bivalves are in pairs, again worthless as single valves. I would sell the shells in lots, maybe by family or lots of 20 or so. Do not sell individually or you will be left with all the common ones nobody wants. Put the common ones in the lots with the rare ones to get rid of all the shells. Check shell dealers websites to get an idea of the prices and go slightly below them, that way you have more chance of selling all the shells. I have seen shells on auction sites at ludicrous prices because the seller was told 'it is rare', needless to say they never sell!
I hope this is useful to you.
Where are you based? If in Europe I may be able to help more, if in tehU.S. there are lots of local shell clubs that would be happy to help.

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