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Help me to put a label for this species
06-29-2011, 08:26 AM,
Help me to put a label for this species
Hello there,
                  Could anybody help me to put a label on this unknown species i know for sure that a lot of
you out there are expert enough to name this shells.
                  Good luck !! 

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06-30-2011, 01:50 PM,
Re: Help me to put a label for this species
1. unknown

2. Engina concinna

3. Looks like an Orania, perhaps Orania walkeri

4. Engina sp., resembles Engina recurva

5. Tricolia sp., probably Tricolia fordiana
07-01-2011, 04:37 AM,
Re: Help me to put a label for this species
Hello Paul,
              Many thanks for your response, it helps me a lot and you gave me more info on where to find the references.
              and you are right to name the #2 engina concinna but e. concinnas location is in N. Caledonia, mine is from Philippines, is it possible to have them in different areas?

edit : June 30.  ooops... i just found out e. concinna is really found in the philippines.. excuse

              # 3 Orania,  i will accept that for now.. O.walkeri, i am not convince. i search Femorale photo gallery and it differs from mine.

              # 4 engina sp./ recurva.. mine is more look like a e.albocincta ( Femorale ).

              # 5 tricolia sp./ t. fordiana. i will accept it, even tho i didnt find any picture of it but at least i know now that is in the family of PHASIANELLIDAE.

              #1 turridae we both dont know the name, perhaps somebody else could name it, i will keep crossing my finger for someone else to name it.
    All in all (Paul )you just help me a lot to start labeling some of my collection. and im very very grateful for your great support Smile.

  ps.  can you also consider a cantharus on # 4 ?  c. fragaria (eddy hardy shell catalogue)


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