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repeats for sale..........
08-09-2014, 02:05 AM,
repeats for sale..........
Hi all,
     Hope all is well with everyone. Just wanted to drop a line letting the world know I have repeats......lots and lots of repeats for sale!! My problem though is not only am I not good at taking pictures, and selling shells individually BUT I don't have the time to even learn that stuff!! I have a 2 story house I need to finish painting, I have 2 4 legged little boys demanding my attention and a half dozen other hobbies I do as well. I have too much on my plate and I am NOT complaining!! I am praying however for one person who may be interested to contact me and we'll go through all that I have. If you like it, it's yours, basically for 10% above what I paid. I got that figure from my seashell sister. she taught everything I know. I too have a 40 year collection, and kept buying repeats in pursuit of better shells. That's how I got sooooo many. I have collections in my collections, and for example I don't need 24 strombus gallus (rooster tail conchs).
      Well start there. If you are indeed interested,by all means let me know.

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