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Enormous antique collection
07-20-2014, 01:58 AM,
Wink  Enormous antique collection
Hi to all of you!

I am in possess of an enormous shellcollection that I have got from my mothers side of the family. It is an antique collection (~1897-1900) and is collected by a for me unknown person named Erik Almqvist. Most shells are bought in Berlin or in other places of Europe. The collection has been stored in my mothers family house in Sweden. I think the collection got into their possession as a gift possible around 1950.

When we emptied the house I saved the collection from instant death as energy recycling and it has been stored at our place for a few years now.

However, now we have no possibilityto keep the collection and we will have to sell it. The problem is that I have no clue about how unique this collection is, nor its possible value. The most restriction about it may be that it is more or less impossible to send. I will have to be collected at my house so probably no one at this forum will have a chance to get it.

Anyway, I did some Googling and found this site and got me a user just to be able to post this. Maybesomeone can at least give me some advice about the uniqueness and maybe a word or two about a possible value.

Please have a look on the pictures of the collection. Please not how careful Mr Erik has been in making the boxes. Many notes are fastened with a string instead of glue. I see this as Mr Eriks lifework. The collection is not in perfect condition or order anymore and will need some sorting and looking over. The special made cabinet (nothing fancy but of course also antique) has a broken glass.

Bengt from Sweden

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