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Always looking out for ...
02-25-2007, 08:02 PM,
Always looking out for ...
Hi all,
To any of you who might have interesting Tonnidae, Ficidae or Turritellidae, please be advised that I'm always looking for good study material.
As for Ficidae, the collection is already quite elabourate, but specimens from unusual localities are still welcome.
As for Tonnidae, I would be MOST gratefull for specimens from Down Under (Australia - especially the east coasts) but any offer wil lbe taken into consideration. The Tonna-collection is 3x the size of my Ficidae-collection, but more study material is more than welcome for this highly variable group.
I've only started on Turritellidae recently, so "the more, the merrier", basically. Good locality data is important, though. Live specimens on 98% Alc. would be most appreciated - provided good locality data, of course.



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