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Beginner from Madagascar
02-15-2009, 01:59 PM,
Beginner from Madagascar
Hello, I have been wondering for a while if I would like collecting seashells! There are so many beautiful ones around.
That may sound absurd to you, sorry.
I am a palm fanatic and madagascar is a great place for that.
So can anyone help me start out with sea shells?
What is interesting, very interesting, fantastically interesting?
Thanks for your counselling.
i am french, 60 years old...
bye, bruno

02-16-2009, 10:06 AM,
Beginner from Madagascar
Hi Bruno, are you actually living in Madagascar or just staying there for a while? It is a good place to start collecting shells from as there is a wide variety of species. The thing with shell collecting is there are no hard and fast rules, just collect what you like. Some people just collect everything until they decide to specialise in shells from a particular family or area. Just have a look at some of the websites advertised in this website and see if anything takes your fancy, read a few books and get to know the shells just a little then you will have some idea of rarity, interest etc. Some people are happy just beachcombing and picking up what they find while others scuba and snorkel for live specimens. The thing is to do what pleases you and enjoy it no matter what you decide to do. Don't forget also there is a large number of interesting land snails on Madagascar too.
I hope this is of use to you, send me a private message if you wnat any more information.
02-16-2009, 05:27 PM,
Beginner from Madagascar
Thanks Dave for your fine answer. I will do exactly what you have suggested , collect anything at the beginning.
Yes I live in Madagascar and I often go to the sea, on the island of sainte Marie which is located on the east coast of Madagascar. You may have to identify a few of my finds!
Thank you again, bruno
02-17-2009, 09:08 AM,
Beginner from Madagascar
No problem Bruno, I will be glad to identify any shells for you. Either post the pictures here or email them to me.

02-23-2009, 05:15 PM,
Beginner from Madagascar
I have been collecting shells for years. What I suggest is start out by collecting every shell you can find, making sure you take note of the date and place where you found it. You can try keeping a journal of this and also note detailed descrïptions about the shell and any other information you may want to remember at the time of collection. Some people really get into journal keeping, but it may not be for you. If anything, at least make sure you record the date and place, and keep that information with each shell. Once you find out the scientific name, make sure to record that as well. Try to collect the most complete shells. Try collecting different patterns and colors. If you find a shell you do not yet have in your collection, keep it until you find a better specimen. Save all of your extras, and that way you will be able to trade with other collectors from around the world if you want to get that far into it (I LOVE trading!!) Also, make sure you keep all shells in individual containers or bags with their information. You won't want them getting mixed up with others or even worse - broken!! This is just some suggestions for you to consider. I hope it helps! Angela

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