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Where to shell in or near United States?
02-09-2008, 01:44 PM,
Where to shell in or near United States?
I am landlocked in Oklahoma and totally addicted to shelling!  I have been to Sanibel Island, Florida several times and love the shelling there.  However, I am in search of other places in the US to shell.  I also am interested in good shelling location in the Caribbean and/or Mexico.  I am in search of places where I can find good "fresh dead" or well preserved whole shells either on the beach or in the shallow water along the beach (i.e. no scuba diving or deep water for me).  Thanks in advance for any input.

02-10-2008, 06:50 PM,
Where to shell in or near United States?
Hello !

In the Caribbean, I would recommend Martinique Island. I lived there for 16 months and many shells can be found fresh dead from all families. I found near octopus holes, hundreds of empty perfect shells. I used to snorkle every week at same areas and look at the holes (by the time I knew every octopus hole). Every weeks at least 5 shells by hole were waiting to be picked up. While scuba rare shells like <i>Conus boui </i>could be found dead too. If yo ugo there, the best way is to snorkle along the rocky shorelines of the south coast in the caribbean side. Water is calm, no current, no danger (no shark nor snake) and usually shallow water (2 to 10m). If you go there, ask here for beaches names. <i>Cypraea cinerea & acicularis </i>can be found that way in great numbers.


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