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Conus nocturnus
09-12-2006, 07:58 PM,
Conus nocturnus
Dear David & All,
I was browsing through a site last week and a Couns nocturnus look alike caught my eye. Its was listed as a Conus bandanus f equestris..It did look simalar, to a Conus nocturnus in --shape, pattern and size. I am not an expert or conchologist, so, comments are welcome.

11-27-2006, 07:36 PM,
Conus nocturnus
Hi John,
This is Vincent from Noumea.

Well, basically I would say that Equestris is actually only a local form of Bandanus whereas Nocturnus is a specie.

Of course they are all related to the marmoreus complex, but from the dozen of specimens of Nocturnus I have been able to see recently, it seems that two forms exist. One very different from Equestris and even from Marmoreus. Shape, patterns in particular makes them looking very different. But you are right as there is an other form which looks pretty close from Equestris because of the similar shape. However patterns remains differents from what I have been able to see so far.

Anyway we need to see and get more of these to be able to confirm or not .

All the best and let's keep in touch


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