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Rule of thumb?
06-23-2007, 10:38 AM,
Rule of thumb?

The main problem of keeping snails if the feeding part of the deal... To keep them alive you need top know their feeding habits. Molluscs may live for months without feeding... I kept alive cowries and Cone shells but in both cases I found their preys (yellow sponges for <i>Cypraea lurida </i>and fire worm for <i>Conus regius </i>and <i>Conus dominicanus</i>) ! The thing to have in mind is more you have animals in your tank, more it will unstable... try to avoid fishes and of course shell killers (lobsters, murex....).
It was really great to host live shells in my water tanks. You can learn many things from these snails habbits ! And make nice pictures.

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