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Almost no activity
12-23-2011, 12:38 PM,
Almost no activity
My apologies for putting this in this particular forum, but it's practically the only one that gets any traffic.  This place is practically *dead*, and since I'm fairly new here, has it always been this way?  For example, what is the point of even having a sub-forum for troubleshooting/bugs if nobody will even be bothered to read or respond to anything posted there?  Even the web owner (or site owner, I forget which) has not bothered to respond to it or a personal email.  I don't understand why a subject that has an unbelievably vast amount of knowledge to it, such as something like over 150,000 species to learn about, has so little information online!  Having to learn so much when there are only a handful of people (apparently) with the know-how is incredibly difficult.  Sad

I'm also a mineral/fossil collector, and finding communities/information on that subject is EASY, both in forums and flicker coms.  Shells?  Almost nothing -_-  *sad panda*  Any ideas on what other places I can find information (besides wiki) to supplement here would be greatly appreciated Smile
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