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Information about Cypraea pyrum and spurca Habitat
07-16-2006, 04:19 PM,
Information about Cypraea pyrum and spurca Habitat
Dear David, over the years I observed several dozens of living spurca in different areas of the Mediterranean (from Italy to Greece, Turkey, Malta).  During the day they were hiding, fully covered by their mantle, beneath small to very small rocks in pretty shallow water: 0.5 to 2.0 mt (although I did find some as deep as 25 mt).  The top of the rocks was almost invariably covered by thick brown algae with appearance much like the mantle of the spurca, and sometimes by leaf-like conidal algae.  From time to time I could spot spurca in the same strecth of coast as lurida, but very rarely in the same bay and anyway never close one each other.  Also, very unusual to find more than one spurca under the same rock as it was the case for the lurida.
With regard to pyrum, I just found one living specimen over the years: it was hiding under a huge rock with posidonia oceanica at its base in 4.5 mt.  This was in a small island on the NE coast of Sardinia, in an area with also lurida but not spurca.
Hope this info may be useful to you.
Kind regards, Fabio Trave

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