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Identification help - dave r - 05-25-2009

Hi Alex, looks like one of the <i>Conus spectrum</i> forms.

Identification help - alexn - 05-25-2009

Thank you Dave. What is it a form?

Identification help - alexn - 05-25-2009

Please help with ID
Conus Sp. 33mm Philippines. Palawan
<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />

Identification help - dave r - 05-26-2009

Sometimes a species will come in a range of colours or patterns, these are known as forms ( Latin <i>forma</i>)and some that occur regularly are named. The names have no taxonomic value but the name gives you an idea of what a particular shell looks like. For example, one C. spectrum form is named 'pica' and is a black and white shell so if you see for sale 'Conus spectrum forma pica' you will know what the shell will look like.
Hope this helps,

Identification help - alexn - 05-26-2009

Thanks for an explanation, became more clear now. Whether has the form the first C. spectrum?
It is form C. spectrum f. pica?
<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />

Identification help - dave r - 05-28-2009

Yes, that does look like form pica.

Identification help - alexn - 05-28-2009

Dear Dave, thanks for consultations. Yes it C. spectrum f. pica. I cannot understand with the top. Whether it is possible to carry it to C. spectrum f. petergabrieli or it too C. spectrum f. pica?
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