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Mystery Volute? - gary fredrickson - 01-30-2008

I recently acquired a volute that stumps me. The data slip calls it Saotome pratasensis. Now that shell is listed in the Abbott, compendium but I can't find it in either Dupont or Poppe. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Mystery Volute? - paul monfils - 01-30-2008

Abbott shows Sigaluta pratasensis, in the Volutidae section. However, I believe this genus has been reassigned to Marginellidae. Does your shell look like that illustration? The genus Saotomea is quite different. It looks like a miniature Fulgoraria. I have Saotomea delicata, but have never heard of Saotomea pratasensis. In fact I have never heard of any species of Saotomea other than delicata. Is it recently described?

Mystery Volute? - gary fredrickson - 02-01-2008

Hi Paul,
Whoever sold it to me failed to give an author. But now that I look at it it really does look like a small fulguraria, in fact it probably is exactly the shell Abbott lists as fulguraria (then sic) delicata. So saotome is right ,species is wrong.
IF it hard turned out the other way it would have been ok. Been doing lots of margins
PS Dave J of Amery sent his check again for try number three

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