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Madagascar - boholshells - 06-28-2010

Hi all! I am planning to visit Madagascar by the end of october. I am interested in buying, collecting and exchanging shells. All information is welcome.
Best regards!

Madagascar - john hobbs - 08-23-2010

Not sure whether you got this already, but am also interested in a trip to Mad. for similar reasons, having previously visited Nosy Be in the north. Are you going as a group? John Hobbs - Cape Town.

Madagascar - boholshells - 08-24-2010

Hi John, no I am going by myself. Plan to travel via Bangkok and get a ticket form there to Mad. From Tana I was planning the trip down to Toliar and then visit Ile Saint Marie.
Wolfgang Proestler - Bohol, Philippines.

Madagascar - conchylinet - 08-31-2010

You can check the seashell (and other souvenir) market in Toliara. Dont buy anything on your first pass, visit all the stands first.