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about eglantina griseoviridis - shellhunk - 04-16-2007

Me again. I just can't wait to ask this. Is a griseoviridis a form of eglantina? I have 1 cream-colored and I'm sure it's a griseoviridis. (or not? :??<img src="images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="" border="0" /> But several are green overcasted. I saw similar eglantina in the net labeled "cypraea eglantina green." Is it the same as griseoviridis? If it is so, can I group my cream-colored "griseoviridis" with my "green" eglantinas?


about eglantina griseoviridis - paul monfils - 04-18-2007

Yes, so-called "griseoviridis" are Cypraea eglantina with an opaque or semuitranslucent greenish overglaze. The name has no real taxonomic significance. It is just used to describe a particular shell condition which, I have been told by sources I consider reliable, is caused by a habitat contaminated with fresh water - near a river mouth for example.

about eglantina griseoviridis - shellhunk - 04-18-2007

Thanks Paul.