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Help id my shell - dancingdolphin - 03-21-2007

Hoping someone can id my shell, it's obviously muricidae, and came from the Gladstone region (QLD Australia). It's one centimeter in length and cream in color.


Thanks <img src="images/icones/icon4.gif" alt="images/icones/icon4.gif" style="border:0" />

Help id my shell - paul monfils - 03-21-2007

In spite of its small size it looks a lot like Biplex pulchellum (Sowerby, 1825). I think it may be a juvenile of that species.

Help id my shell - paul monfils - 03-22-2007

P.S. Here's a picture of the mature shell:

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Help id my shell - dancingdolphin - 03-23-2007

Hi Paul
thanks for your help, yes, it certainly is the same shell. it's only taken 6 years to id it. wish i had found this site back then and saved all the time!

best wishes
dancing dolphin

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