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Central-america shells need ID - helmetapointe - 04-14-2013

                        Do you think this 4 shells are the same species ?
                    I have doubt about  #3  &  #4. Or maybe are they younger ?

                                  [Image: 130413073059710277.jpg]

                                          From west-coast Costa Rica
                          I thought it is Columbella fuscata
                                                                                            Any suggestions ?        Thank you in advance

Re: Central-america shells need ID - paul monfils - 04-19-2013

No, they do not appear to be the same species.  The two on the left are typical of Columbella fuscata.  Are you sure of the locality for the two smaller shells?  They look to me like the European Columbella rustica.

Re: Central-america shells need ID - helmetapointe - 04-21-2013

Hi Paul !
You're probably right.
I collected them 35 years ago, and it is possible they get mixed during a relocation.
Thank you
I'm still with my Columbella-drawer and will post a new question.

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