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shell id help - thalassa - 03-29-2013

I found this shell today on the beach (aegean sea, Crete)
It's the first time I find one like this.
Can someone tell me what it is? It is about 35 mm long

Badongo is not available anymore so I put it on file dropper. I hope the pictures can be seen.

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Thank you

Re: shell id help - Orepaul87 - 03-29-2013

Must have to sign up to see photos as I only see their propiganda when I try the links.  In Flicker the photos must be public, same here??

Re: shell id help - thalassa - 03-29-2013

Thank you, I didn't know where to put them.

Here is the link on Flicker:

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I hope this works Smile

Re: shell id help - paul monfils - 03-29-2013

This is a very beach worn pelican foot shell, Aporrhais pespelicani, a common Mediterranean species, but not found on the beach very often since it lives in fairly deep water.

Re: shell id help - thalassa - 03-30-2013

Thank you for your help!

RE: shell id help - BellaBichon - 08-10-2017

How can I post a picture to identify a shell here? Please help.

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