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Looking for info! - MarkLF - 02-28-2013

Hello all;  I'm looking for the most up to date and most updated website for Cypraea Taxonomy, specifically the lastest described Genera and Species.
I've gone through the links page, just wondered if there were other sites not listed.

Also, does anyone know when Felix Lorenz newest book on this subject will be out?

Thanks; Mark

Re: Looking for info! - Orepaul87 - 03-01-2013

I use Felix Lorenz second addition "Guide"  there may have been some splitting of genera since it's publication, but I'll stick with it until the next addition comes out. according to a comment the author on his website:  <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";">;</a><!-- m --> this is some years out yet. Sad

Re: Looking for info! - dave r - 03-05-2013

Eddie Hardy keeps his taxonomy up to date, go to and click on Cypraeoidea.

Re: Looking for info! - MarkLF - 03-06-2013

Thank you.