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C. Pennaceus marmoricolor (f) ? - underwaterdream - 02-19-2013

Dear all,
I need again some help to confirm this one. My guess is a juvenile specimen of Darioconus pennaceus marmoricolor Origin of the shell - Mauritius

Wrong again  Big Grin ?



Re: C. Pennaceus marmoricolor (f) ? - david touitou - 02-22-2013


Sorry, but this shell has nothing to deal with C. pennaceus complex. It belongs to Conus textile complex. It's difficult to identify thye species though.

If it has been found at Mauritius, it could be a juvenile specimen of Conus textile f. verriculum.


Re: C. Pennaceus marmoricolor (f) ? - underwaterdream - 02-22-2013

Thanks David

:Smile So I was right thinking I was wrong again

Identification of Cones is a nightmare for me  :'(


Re: C. Pennaceus marmoricolor (f) ? - dave r - 02-23-2013

I think it is just a small, prettily marked Conus textile. One of the most variable cones and with far too many named 'forms'!  Wink

Re: C. Pennaceus marmoricolor (f) ? - underwaterdream - 02-26-2013

Well taken
Conus textile communus juvenulum  Big Grin

Thanks to both you