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Unknown beachworn conus - wateryworld - 04-20-2012

These five cones were given to me, so I've no idea where they'd be from, but I'm assuming they are rather beachworn due to their unusual coloration.  The only one I was able to find in the book was called conus sponsalis.  Does anyone have any idea what these could be?  Purple and pink don't appear to be standard cone colours!  Is this due to bleaching?

Thanks! Smile

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Re: Unknown beachworn conus - paul monfils - 04-20-2012

The first picture is certainly C. sponsalis. 
The second one (unknown cone 1) is very eroded, but the pattern would suggest C. ebraeus.
Sizes would be helpful on these.

Re: Unknown beachworn conus - wateryworld - 04-20-2012

My apologies!  Sizes have been added to the images!

Re: Unknown beachworn conus - wateryworld - 04-21-2012

Okay, I've tried to narrow the ID down a bit, I've put down their potential names as ebraeus, rattus, varius and namocanus.  Can anyone confirm?

Thanks! Smile

Re: Unknown beachworn conus - wateryworld - 04-23-2012

So, nobody knows, then?

Re: Unknown beachworn conus - dave r - 04-23-2012

Some are VERY worn, I would agree with your identification except #4 which looks to me like a juvenile C. magus. Not too sure of #3 either.