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Help to identify these? - JohnyJug - 03-14-2012

I'm hoping someone can help identify these?
    Some background:
            My dad brought these back from the Philippines in the 40's
            He called them 'CATSEYES'
Any help will be appreciated - What they are?  Any value?

Re: Help to identify these? - dave r - 03-14-2012

I can't see any image I am afraid but the items commonly known as 'Cats Eyes' are usually the opercula of the Tapestry Turban shell, Torbo petholatus. Opercula (singular Operculum)are like a sort of 'trap door' the animal uses to close the aperture when it withdraws into the shell, it sort of seals the entrance making it hard for predators to get at the snail itself.
As to monetary value, very little, pennies each.
Here is an interesting link:
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Re: Help to identify these? - JohnyJug - 03-14-2012

Thanks so much!  Sorry you couldn't see the pictures?  The link you gave is very interesting; they are exactly what we have.  I can now pass this info to the rest of the relatives

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