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conus or turrids? - diocrisseashells1000 - 01-25-2012

Hello collectors,
i had this two species but i dont know where to put this, looks like a conus but i doubt the sizes its just 9-9.5 mm. from Philippines

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any info about their specie name and family would be a great help, and are they different specie?
kind regards,

Re: conus or turrids? - paul monfils - 01-26-2012

The black one is Lovellona atramentosa, Turridae.  The other one is not as typical in color and markings, but is probably the same species.

Re: conus or turrids? - diocrisseashells1000 - 01-26-2012

I thought the brown one is a conus but as i google your id it was confirmed as turrid too. Many thanks again for your help.


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