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Shell Help - ShellSurfer - 06-14-2018

What do I have? I have tried to compare what I have to many pics throughout the web, and this site but can't seem to figure these out. I am not that well versed in shell identification to begin with. I have a feeling they have no value but it would start my education on here. Thanks.
I am usually fairly proficient with posting pics but am not sure how the image loader link below

RE: Shell Help - paul monfils - 06-14-2018

This is the Arabian Tibia shell, scientific name Tibia insulaechorab, from the northern Indian Ocean. There are half a dozen other species of Tibia. You can find pictures of them by searching "tibia shells".

RE: Shell Help - ShellSurfer - 06-14-2018

Much appreciated. Being a junk shop digger they were in a bag with a very nice native american clay polychrome flute. I doubt I would have bought the bag without the flute. But thanks again. I am always looking for rocks, fossils, minerals, shells, and things made from these materials from cultures throughout the world.