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Bleach: Dilute? - Shells85 - 06-01-2018

Thank you in advance for answering my query. There is varying advice on how to bleach shells in terms of straight bleach or diluted. One expert said do not dilute bleach others say dilute. and how long. We just have not valuable beach collected shells but they smell a bit and they need to be cleaned. If we use straight bleach overnight would that ruin them?
Thank you

RE: Bleach: Dilute? - paul monfils - 06-01-2018

Most shells can withstand straight bleach without damage, though it should be diluted for some particularly delicate shells. However, in my experience using straight bleach is wasteful because even the toughest cleaning jobs can be done using 25% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water).

RE: Bleach: Dilute? - Shells85 - 06-01-2018

Thank you for taking time to answer my query. The information about the diluted mixture is very useful.