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SPANISH TROCHIDAE - Carlos Galan - 08-07-2011

Hello, ¿anybody knows the specie of this Monodonta/Gibbula? It comes from the mediterranean coast of Spain.


[Image: jdv1312641998e.JPG]

[Image: rgh1312642093x.JPG]

[Image: rgh1312642109z.JPG]

Re: SPANISH TROCHIDAE - wolfi - 08-08-2011

Hi, Carlos,

might be (!) Gibbula divaricata, but I´m not sure at all (the specimen is kind of "very beach".....).
Regards: wolf

Re: SPANISH TROCHIDAE - dave r - 08-08-2011

I think it is divaricata too, but beter photos of a cleaned up specimen would help a lot.  Wink

Re: SPANISH TROCHIDAE - conchylinet - 08-08-2011

I also agree it to be G divaratica (Linnaeus 1767). Pierre.

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