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exchanges - murex - 11-19-2017

Hi, I'm looking for some new exchange partners for marine specimens. My collection is rather extensive, with over 5,000 species and nearly 20,000 specimens, assembled since 1964. I generally am looking for anything that I don't have. I even like looking though beach drift for micros. My trading list is about 1,100 species, so there might be something you could use. My approach is rather simple... send me a list of what you want from my list and I will send you a parcel. I send first and you decide what is fair in return. I don't worry at all about relative value. What you think is fair...IS fair. my email address is I will send off an excel file as a trading list. Regards. Mike

RE: exchanges - elkeweiss - 01-08-2018

Why haven't anyone replied yet?
Excuse me but can you share your list of species?
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