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shell dredge - - 06-19-2011

does anyone know where I can find a photo of a shell dredge?

Re: shell dredge - paul monfils - 06-19-2011

I used to do some dredging years ago.  I no longer have my dredges, or a photograph of them, but here is a drawing I used in an article I wrote some years back for American Conchologist magazine, on the subject of dredging:

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Feel free to email me if you have any questions about it.  <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

There is also such a thing as a hand dredge, for use in shallow water, for which there are various designs.  Here are a couple (not my drawings):

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Re: shell dredge - jejushells - 06-17-2013

A quick and easy way to make a hand dredge is to get a large can, such as a paint can or tomato paste can. Cut out the bottom and cover it with a mesh of whatever size you want; kitchen strainers provide various sizes. Then strap the mesh around the bottom with metal straps you can buy at a hardware store. Then make three holes evenly spaced around the other end and place three metal links through them. Attach three small pieces of chain to the links and join them with one larger one. Tie a long rope through the link and you have your dredge.

I made one many years ago and have had a lot of success with it. The important thing to know about hand dredging is where to dredge. Large, deep tidepools are always good, as well as areas at either end of a beach where there may be more shelter and sediment of various sizes can accumulate. Lowest possible tides and sheltered areas with little or no wave action are best. You may have a better chance of a wider variety of shells there. Knowing the habitats of shells and their depth ranges will also help. Hand dredging is best for coarse sand to small-sized gravel. The edge of the dredge won't dig deep enough for shells buried in sand or heavier sizes of gravel. Hand dredging take practice but the results can be worth it.

Hope this helps.