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Thais sp ID help - mark - 08-16-2014

I’m sorry if ihave stupid questions but I would like to sort mycollection and have a lot of shell which make me trouble.  Some shell waiting for id for long time but Ifound a picture on the net what similar and found a lot of another what different and can’t make decision what is the truth. Some shell I think my id was wrong and I would like to make the correction.
If it is not problem I would like sometimes ask your help.
For example this Thais sp (cca 4 cm) (first I thought it’s Thaisvirgata buti it have longer spines…) sometimes I found a similar picture which said me it is a Thais jubilaea but wrote to the Google found a lot of different pictures.
What do you think about it?
Thank you.
Best regards,


RE: Thais sp ID help - paul monfils - 08-17-2014

Thais tuberosa  Roding, 1798

RE: Thais sp ID help - mark - 08-17-2014

Hello Paul,
Thanks for your help.
(I made more mistake: first  I had a this species (whit shorter spines and pale colour) which was two times in my register (once Thais tuberosa , twice Mancinella tuberosa Sad)
Best regards,

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