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Trochidae - razgriz - 10-06-2010

What is this? Size is 28,24mm. Thanks for help
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Re: Trochidae - dave r - 10-06-2010

Where is it from?

Re: Trochidae - razgriz - 10-06-2010

I think Indo-Pacific

Re: Trochidae - dave r - 10-07-2010

I would say Trochus radiatus from the Red Sea area.

Re: Trochidae - razgriz - 10-07-2010

Ok thanks very much !!!
Just one question .... what is Trochus infuscatus?

Re: Trochidae - dave r - 10-07-2010

If you are looking on Eddie Hardy's website the top two are radiatus, the bottom one is different, maybe hanleyanus. I don't know infuscatus at all. I will investigate.

Re: Trochidae - dave r - 10-07-2010

All I can find is Cantharidus infuscatus.
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Which is a Japanese shell that looks nothing like the photos on Eddie's site.

Re: Trochidae - helmetapointe - 10-08-2010

Looks like Trochus radiatus to me too. I found some at the Mannar-gulf  S.E. India

Re: Trochidae - razgriz - 10-08-2010

Ok thanks

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