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Harpa kajiyamai in New Caledonia??? - franck frydman - 10-11-2007

Hello,I have been told about Harpa kajiyamai specimens found in New Caledonia, would somebody have proofs, photos , infos about this?

Harpa kajiyamai in New Caledonia??? - whiteshark - 11-04-2007


Yes, we have dredged up a few harpa kajiyamai from the Surprises Islands. It is situated in the north of the New Caledonian waters. We actually dredged 3 perfect Gem specimens, live taken in depths of about 250m. We also dredged a few pieces of broken and/or damaged specimens.

The first time we found them, we thought it was a local form of Godwini. But after close identification of these harpas, they were actually just kajiyamai.

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