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Unknown snails - - 08-08-2010

Hi again!

Does anybody know what these could be?

<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" />


Unknown snails - paul monfils - 08-09-2010

Can't be sure but they are a pretty good match to my specimens of Trochus nigropunctatus from South Africa.  <span class="petit">--Last edited by Paul Monfils on 2010-08-09 03:05:23 --</span>

Unknown snails - dave r - 08-09-2010

Look more like Bembecium melanostoma from Australia.

Unknown snails - - 08-11-2010

On close comparison, I think that they are maybe bembecium melanostoma, but I am going to post a better photo because they are slightly bigger than the 15mm. average stated on the net(probably 10mm. bigger). They don't appear to be Trochus nigropuctatus, although South Africa would seem the more likely location.
Thank you for your help!

Unknown snails - paul monfils - 08-11-2010

I believe Dave is right on Bembicium.  You might also compare them to Bembicium nanum. I believe B. melanostoma is a higher spired shell.

Unknown snails - - 08-13-2010

Yes, they definetely look like bembicium nana. Thanks Paul and Dave!

Unknown snails - - 08-13-2010

P.s. My specimens appear to be of much better quality than any images I have compared on the web. Could it be influenced by the fact they were collected in the 1930's? They are beach specimens.

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