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Five mystery cockles - wil9000 - 07-27-2010

I have these five cockles that I cannot identify. The grooves on all but the furthest to the right are quite deep. Can anyone help?
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Five mystery cockles - dave r - 07-27-2010

The top two look like Acanthocardium tuberculatum, can't say for the other three, where are they from? The bottom left two could be A.echinatum if they are from Europe.

Five mystery cockles - - 07-28-2010

The top two are definetely Acanthocardia tuberculata, the two on the bottom left seem to be Acanthocardia aculeata but with the spines worn away, and the one on the far right seems to be Laevicardium flavum. They are all commonly found in the Mediterranean.

Can anybody help me with my unidentified shells which are a couple of posts down?

Hope this information is of some help!

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