Full Version: More info on Cypraea schilderiana querie
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Sorry, forgot to add that they were found on drying reef flat in Vanuatu. Lengths: the 3 together, 75mm, 69mm, 68mm. The 2 together, 90mm, 78mm.
Then they are definately ordinary Cypraea tigris.
Dave,thanks for your reply. As much as I would like them to be schideriana I'm relieved they are not because I had a heart pounding moment a few days ago when I sold some the same for PEANUTS <img src="images/icones/icon18.gif" alt="images/icones/icon18.gif" style="border:0" /> !!! I am just finding out about shell values & iD's & I thought that I'd sold something worth $100's for barely a dollar each.
Thanks again, Leonie <img src="images/smiley/clap.gif" alt="" border="0" />